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DAI DAI STP006 Emoji Multi-spandex Deskmat


Material Multi-spandex and rubber Brand Name DAI DAI Model Number STP006 Product size 770 x 295±0.5mm

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Phangkey Amaterasu Deskmat


The designers over at PhangKeys have created a beautiful set of deskmats titled “Amaterasu” – inspired by the beautiful Shintoist goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu. She and her two siblings, Tsukuyomi ...

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Teddo Sweven Deskmat

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Sweven Deskmat, a vision seen in dream.This deskmat is inspired by a lucid dream that Teddo's ex had about someone important and boundless loved one to her, the hot air balloon that a girl was floa...

Hex Keyboards

[Extras] Good Morning Towel Deskmats


The Good Morning towel is a staple of many households in Southeast Asia.... so Hex Keyboards and Shirogane decided to bring some Southeast Asian nostalgia and local flair into a keyboard accessory ...

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Gone Hacking Studio

[Pre-order] GHS.NBD / "Never Been Done" Deskmat


Note: This is a pre-order with an estimated delivery date of Mid-December 2022. Pre-order discounted price ends when deskmats are in stock.    The GHS.NBD or "Never Been Done" is Gone Hacking Studi...