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Flashquark Dual Stage Extended Springs


Designed by Flashquark. These custom mechanical two-stage switch springs are made of high quality stainless steel. Compared to standard switch springs, these two-stage springs offer a faster, more ...

Keebz N Cables

Single (Single Stage) Forever Longbois Springs

$10.00 $11.00

We've been getting a lot of requests for a light long spring similar to what you'd find in some of our most popular switches such as the Ajazz Diced Fruit Banana and Invokeys Black Sesame. So we br...


Tecsee Long Springs


These springs are the single stage springs used in Tecsee's Carrot, Purple Panda and Coral switches in a variety of weights to suit your tastes. 110 springs per pack. 16mm in length.    

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