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Utilize BOOG75 for precise control in every gaming situation

BOOG75, a magnetic switches variant of our popular ZOOM75. We now offer prebuilt keyboards in four colors for your, with Shockwave and Induction Coil being the default colors for the BOOG75. Additionally, we now offer White and Black colors ZOOM75(Wired) with the HE Module to be chosen.

Perfect for FPS enthusiasts, BOOG75 ensures precision and style for every gaming situation.

Choose and DIY your HE keyboard, and enhance your game – BOOG75, where customization meets performance.

4 Choices for Pre-built

BOOG75 HE Module

Compatible with Zoom75

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Custom profiles for different games

We support setting up 3 different profiles to support you to quickly jump between different games.

Boog75 in CES

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