Unikeys x HMX Purple Dawn Linear Switches
Unikeys x HMX Purple Dawn Linear Switches
Unikeys x HMX Purple Dawn Linear Switches

Unikeys x HMX Purple Dawn Linear Switches

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The long-awaited Unikeys Purple Dawn Switches are finally here! The Purple Dawn switch is one of the earliest HMX switches that use the UPE stem and the first HMX switch that pairs the UPE stem with the P4 bottom housing. If you have tried HMX switches with PA12 or P4 housings, you will notice that the PA12 material is one of the best top housing materials as it is very smooth and comes with a subtle and pleasant top-out sound. The P4 bottom housing is one of my favorites as it comes with a thocky, clacky, and vibrant bottom-out sound profile.

When paired with the modified UPE stem, Purple Dawn switches overall sound quite poppy with a thocky note. They won't be too loud since UPE is one of the more muted materials in this hobby.

Feeling-wise, they are very smooth and come with a clean and solid bottom-out. The modified UPE material is not as soft as UPE from other manufacturers as pure UPE can easily be broken. HMX modified its UPE material to make it more strengthened and more durable. 

1 quantity = 10 switches 

Switch Type: Linear

Designer: Unikeys

Manufacturer: HMX

Stem material: Modified UPE

Top Housing: PA12

Bottom Housing: P4

Operating Force: 55±2g

Bottom-out Force: 62.5±2g

Pre-travel: 2.0mm

Total Travel: 3.9±0.2mm

Spring: 22mm KOS single-stage extended

Factory Lubed: Yes! mixed GPL105&GPL205 on leaf spring, stem feet, and bottom housing rails.

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Customer Reviews

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Love these deep switches

These are really nice to type on and come really smooth right out of the box. Good clacky hmx sound. Highly recommend

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