HMX Ice Cendol Linear Switches

HMX Ice Cendol Linear Switches

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The Ice Cendol is the latest switch in our Shaved Ice series inspired by a childhood favourite dessert thanks to all the Malaysians and Singaporean in Perth. It's been a long way to get here, originally planned to be manufactured by Keygeek, we weren't happy with the sound profile and the appearance of the transparent nylon top housing... so I enlisted Rassles our resident Kiwi staff and switch expert and we manufactured with HMX, the most hyped manu in 2024, to create a unique material combination to create something that some have described as MX Black-ish without the scratch-ish.
We will refine this last minute description. But TLDR, please buy so I don't go out of business and hold a grudge against Rassles forever for having significant impact on my lifetime financial position.

Switches are sold in packs of 10.

Quantity 1 = 10 switches. 


  • Linear
  • Top Housing: PA12
  • Stem: T2
  • Bottom Housing: PA2
  • Travel Distance: 3.9mm
  • PCB mount (5 pin)
  • Factory lubed to perfection
  • Manufactured by HMX for KeebzNCables
  • Orders of 70 switches or more will come with novelty packaging and a Keebz N Cendol spoon. 


SG - Qwertyqop
US - Dangkeebs
CA - Unikeys

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