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Sajith J.
Really impressed

This is my second board, and I had a few requirements:
1. 65%(-ish)
2. Clean design, made of metal with rounded corners
3. Bluetooth
4. Hotswap
5. In stock and affordable

Admittedly asking for a lot, and the only thing that came close is a Keychron 65%. I’m replacing a Keychron 96% (partner decided it was hers) and I wanted to try out something new.

I’m really impressed by this little kit. It met all my needs and is an absolute beauty. The board is hefty and solid, feels great and looks solid in person. I’ve paired it with the Ajazz Kiwis and MT3 WoB caps and it is just *chefs kiss*.

Note if you’re thinking of getting this: make sure you have 1U and 2U Shift keycaps, my particular set didn’t have the keys but it was able to make do with a few other keycaps. Additionally, the 1U shift takes a bit of getting used to. A few weeks in, these are no issues at all.

Brendan Cleary
The best keyboard I have ever used.

The Ajazz AC064 is probably my favourite keyboard ever. The form factor is perfect and no matter what switches you add with the keyboard it sounds heavenly. Out of all my custom keyboards this one has a special place in my heart.

Andrei Cruz
Ajazz ac064

Really good quality for the amazing price, great way to start keyboard hobby, got them with akko radiant reds :D

Camden Will

Ajazz AC064 65% Hot-swappable CNC Aluminum Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit - Barebones

Jimmie Kessler
Great budget cnc kit

overall appearance is beautiful and the surface anode is very delicate