[Pre-order] Gateron Root Beer Float Tactile Switches - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches
[Pre-order] Gateron Root Beer Float Tactile Switches - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches
[Pre-order] Gateron Root Beer Float Tactile Switches - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches
[Pre-order] Gateron Root Beer Float Tactile Switches - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches

Gateron Root Beer Float Tactile Switches

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Switches are sold in packs of 10.

Quantity 1 = 10 switches.

From Punkshoo, the switch designer behind the much-loved Gateron Cream Soda switches and the Aflion Melody and Runner Switches, comes his fourth release yet, the Gateron Root Beer Float. This are Punkshoo's second switch from Gateron, and its builds upon the success of the first, the Gateron Cream Soda. These switches feature the same housing material combination as the Cream Soda, with a Milky Top Housing and Ink Bottom Housing. Building upon that strong base, these switches feature a Ink Heavy Tactile stem and do not come pre-lubed so that each of us can tune the switch to our own personal preferences.


  • Tactile
  • Milky Top Housing
  • Gateron Long Pole Ink Stem
  • Ink Bottom Housing
  • 58g Bottom Out
  • 62g Tactile Peak
  • 22mm Gold Plated Long Spring
  • 3.5mm Travel
  • NO Factory Lube 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Julian Schulze
    great switches

    very nice feeling, great bump and overall im very satisfied!
    only downside is the noise volume. i find them rather loud but still a good sound.

    Premium switches at a premium price point

    Quality 9/10
    Great quality switches that feel incredible. A few switches of mine had leaf ping, which was an issue. They would benefit from lubing and filming.

    Smoothness - 9/10
    Pretty outstanding stock, with barely any scratch at all. A light coat of lube would make it perfect

    Sound - 10/10
    A very lovely, clean clack. Extremely satisfying to listen to.

    Feel - 10/10
    It has a sharper bump compared to the ice kachangs. It has zero pretravel with that long pole feedback and a dual-stage spring that is a comfortable weight to type on. It's extremely enjoyable to type on these.

    Overall - 8/10
    These are excellent switches, don't get me wrong, but the issue with the leaf ping and the lack of factory lube at this price point could be better. Although it's perfectly usable stock, it would benefit significantly from both lubing and filming.

    Great switches at a cost

    A beautiful long pole switch by Punkshoo.

    These long pole tactiles feature the design materials that a Cthullu frankenswitch is made of, at a more affordable price. They're a deeper sounding switch with a medium tactile bump that felt great to press. There are however a couple catches that come with this switch. Firstly, these switches don't come factory lubed which means that you need to put in the work to make these switches truly show their worth (although they're perfectly usable stock). Speaking of worth, these switches are among the pricer side which may intimidate less confident buyers. I would recommend getting a switch sampler pack first in order to make sure that these switches are absolutely what you want.

    Johannes Smithus
    Good Medium Tactile

    As there is no factory lube, this switch would improve a lot more if you lube it. With GHv4, the sound was thockier than stock, albeit still on the clacky side. There are a few switches that have persistent leaf springs... though this could be expected from a Tactile Switch.


    Great tactile switch