[Pre-order] Keyno Y·8 CNC Raw - Keebz N CablesKeyboards
[Pre-order] Keyno Y·8 CNC Raw - Keebz N CablesKeyboards
[Pre-order] Keyno Y·8 CNC Raw - Keebz N CablesKeyboards
[Pre-order] Keyno Y·8 CNC Raw - Keebz N CablesKeyboards
[Pre-order] Keyno Y·8 CNC Raw - Keebz N CablesKeyboards
[Pre-order] Keyno Y·8 CNC Raw - Keebz N CablesKeyboards

Keyno Y·8 CNC Raw

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The Keyno Y·8 is a premium TKL keyboard designed by Keyno, with its most prominent feature being its ultra-thin 1mm PCB, bringing an insane amount of flex possible especially in combination with the included FR4 Half Plate (Full Plate also included if you're not that extreme).

With an internal and external brass weight included, the Standard Edition weighs in at 2.3kg, with the Heat Coloring Edition weighing in at 2.7kg, bringing the heft that you want in a premium TKL board.

For the adventurous ones out there, the Keyno Y·8 also comes in a raw CNC aluminum variant, offering a bare look that will definitely be unique out in the sea of custom mechanical keyboards.




  • Typing Angle: 8 degrees
  • Dimension: 361.70x137.66X18 mm
  • Front Height: 18mm
  • Case Material: 6063 Aluminum
  • Weight: Y·8 Standard Edition - 2.3 kg / Y·8 Heat coloring Edition - 2.7 kg
  • QMK/VIA support: Yes
  • Mounting Method: Gasket Mount


Kit Contents:

  • Top and Bottom Case
  • Accent
  • Middle Case
  • Internal Brass Weight
  • External Brass Weight
  • PCB
  • Ai03 unified daughter board
  • FR4 Plate
  • FR4 Half Plate
  • Silicone Gasket
  • Storage Bag
  • 0.6mm Stabs shims
  • Teflon Adhesive Strips (for fixing the JST terminal wires)
  • Silicone Keyboard Feet
  • Switch Foam
  • Poron Plate Foam
  • Poron Case Foam



  • The Heat colouring edition uses a thermal colouring process for brass accessories, and there may be some unavoidable dust points.
  • The CNC Raw edition doesn’t have surface treatment, and there may be oxidation after long use.
  • There will be a slight colour difference between the top and bottom case.
  • Small dust points/micro scratches that are only visible at just the right angle of lighting, small scratches inside the keyboard case, or dents on the case that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built.
  • These are normal and within our quality acceptance. Joining in Y·8 group buy means agreeing to KeynoWorks production policy, and Keyno Works reserves the right to interpret.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Thomas L
      Great customer service and shipped quickly

      Best keyboard ever !

      Jun Ma
      Perfect Keyboard KIT

      Very surprising keyboard kit, outstanding design, satisfying pressing feel.I really like the color matching of this raw cnc, Thank you Keebz N cables, Thank you Keyno.

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