Linear Lovers Switch Sampler - 3rd Edition - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches
Linear Lovers Switch Sampler - 3rd Edition - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches

Linear Lovers Switch Sampler - 5th Edition


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Reward your love of linears... (Adairs don't sue me)

Due to popular demand, we've finally decided to release our Linear Lovers switch sampler pack containing a selection of our current range of linear switches. As our switch range continues to grow and change, so will this switch sampler with each edition.

5th Edition - our hottest edition yet containing 18 unique linears, most which are exclusives:

  1. Gateron Cream Soda
  2. Gateron UHMKnown
  3. Dangkeebs Melon Milk Linear
  4. Dangkeebs Strawberry Milk linear
  5. Gopolar Outva Yin
  6. Wuque Studio Onion
  7. JWICK Semi Silent
  8. Momoka Frog
  9. KTT Kang White
  10. KTT Yexia
  11. KTT Strawberry
  12. JWK Lila
  13. JWK Endless Summer
  14. SP Star Meteor V3
  15. Loobed Pine switch
  16. Invokeys Matcha Latte
  17. Invokeys Black Sesame
  18. Zuoce Studio Daibai Linear

4th Edition - our hottest edition yet until 5th edition came out:

  1. KTT Yexia
  2. KTT Kang White
  3. JWICK Semi-Silent
  4. SP Star Ube Crinkle
  5. Dangkeebs Strawberry Ice Milk Linear
  6. Zuoce Studio DAIBAI Linear
  7. KTT Rose
  8. Invokeys Matcha Latte
  9. JWK Lila
  10. Dangkeebs Banana Milk Linear
  11. Zuoce Studio Water Green Linear
  12. Momoka Frog
  13. KTT HaluHalo
  14. KTT Strawberry

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Wayne lee
Nice but could use a guide of some sort

Nice selection to try out but would have beenuseful to have some sort of picture guide/description telling me which switch is which so if there was one that I liked I could order that particular switch

Great Selection

A great variety of switches of different materials and manufacturers

Max Wu

Linear Lovers Switch Sampler - 5th Edition

5th edition sampler

Sampler pack includes a wide range of linear switches to try before you buy. In a blind test, some of them do end up with similar sound/feel but there are a few stand-outs from the pack.


I normally prefer tactiles but would highly recommend this pack to anyone looking to try linear switches. Great mix of spring weights, travel distances and sound profiles. Something in here for everyone.