Strawberry Milk Ice Switches - Linear - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches
Strawberry Milk Ice Switches - Linear - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches
Strawberry Milk Ice Switches - Linear - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches

Strawberry Milk Ice Switches - Linear


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Note: This switch is from a new Tecsee mould which is known to have tight fitment issues with keyboards using Aluminum and Brass Plates. We only recommend using this switch with softer material plates such as Polycarbonate and POM.


Strawberry Milk Ice are the sequel to Dangkeeb's beloved Strawberry Milk Switches. Inspired by the countless iced drinks we've had this summer - these switches feature a fully transperant housing composed of a new formula developed in collaboration with Tecsee called Ultra Clear (UC) Nylon, and a matching collectible milk bottle! 

What Are the Advantages of UC Nylon?

Maximum Light Transmittance

UC Nylon was developed with RGB fans in mind and aims to offer maximum light diffusion through fully transperant housings. Additionally, new molds were developed for the material with polished cavities to minimize visible abberrations. 


Improved Smoothness

UC Nylon is a curated blend designed to reduce the course nature of pure nylon without impacting other favorable properties of nylon such as sound. Coupled with new polished molds, these switches aim to be a step above full nylon compositions. 


Enhanced Acoustics

UC Nylon utilizes a special blend to provide a deeper, fuller sound as you bottom and top-out your switches. As the bottle suggests, these switches contain 100% thock. 


Switches are sold in packs of 10.

Quantity 1 = 10 switches.


  • Linear
  • Top Housing: UC Nylon
  • Bottom Housing: UC Nylon
  • Stem: POM
  • Gold plated dual-stage spring
  • 3.5mm travel
  • 55g actuation / 67g bottom out
  • 5 pin (PCB Mount)
  • UNLUBED from factory
  • Manufactured by Tecsee exclusively for Dangkeebs
  • Collectible sticker included with all orders while supplies last
  • Collectible milk bottle packaging available for orders with 70+ switches

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    These deep and clacky sounding switches benefit from a bit of lube and I'd personally say a spring swap, but are otherwise a pleasure to type on

    Sounds good, needs a bit of work. Has plate issues

    Quality 5/10
    Requires lube and films to sound good. The switch was too tight in a lot of my plates, so it was a pain to get in or out. I even damaged a bit of the top housings doing so.

    Smoothness - 8/10
    Once lubed, the switch has almost no friction. It does its job as a linear switch and does it well.

    Sound - 9/10
    Consistent, satisfying clack, I love it.

    Feel - 7/10
    Might need a spring replacement to feel interesting, its just a very standard linear other than that.

    Overall - 6/10
    I would rate it higher if it weren't for the issues with the plates. What breaks the switch is me having to risk breaking the switch just to put it into my keyboard

    Sounds good but unfortunately issues

    For anyone looking to buy these... It's great on a POM plate but on a brass and aluminum plate the top housing is so tight on the plate that it essentially stays there.... I tried to get it out and it requires so much force that it can break the top housing and I even used a switch puller.

    "Unfortunately with some of the new Tecsee made switches like TofuTypes x KNC Linear and Strawberry Ice Milks, there's been reports that they're harder to remove from keyboards with aluminum and brass plates due to the tight fit.
    while not having this issue with PC and POM plates as they're softer materials"

    for the the price it is honestly not worth the hassle. Do not recommend unless u have softer plate materials which I do not own. Would love to be there disclaimers in the product description to help people navigate through things like this!

    Smooth deep sounding but with a little Stem wobble

    I'll start by saying that the price is a little bit much for a un-lubed from factory switch. But if you're someone who needs RGB shine, these are really good choice. For me it was a little bit hard for me to put in my M1 Monsgeek keyboard compared to other tested switches that my mate had. The ice milk switches do sit really tight when are actually in though. (please make a lubed version happen).

    Jan Say

    Sounds deep and very smooth!