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Kelowna 2-in-1 Switch Opener for Cherry MX styl...


This is a 2 piece switch opener set that can open both Kailh and Cherry MX type mechanical keyboard switches (Gateron, JWK, Tecsee, Outemu etc) with ease for no-hassle switch lubing and modding.Fea...

Wuque Studio

Wuque Studios Titanium Switch Puller


Considered the best switch pullers by enthusiasts worldwide. Designed in-house by Wuque Studio, the people behind Ikki68 Aurora. Made of strong and durable Titanium alloy, the switch pullers featur...

Keebz N Cables

Flat Tip Brush for Lubing Mechanical Keyboard S...


Flat tip brushes are ideal for spreading lube evenly and thinner on stems and side rails of MX style switches.  

Keebz N Cables

Switch Stem Holder / IC Claw


Stem holders are a handy tool for holding switch stems in place for lubing purposes.

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Keebz N Cables

3 in 1 Keycap Puller Screwdriver


Need to pull out some keycaps followed by removing screws from your keeb? sayless. This keycap puller can also be used as a 1.5mm/2.5mm Phillips screwdriver.