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Group Buys

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[Group-Buy] Koinobori Pictures Deskmat


Closing Date: July 28th 2022Expected Shipping time: Q4 2022   Phangkey is wading further into the desk mat space with their Koinobori Desk Mat, which brings the calming, introspective vibes of a ko...


[Group-Buy] KDS Solarized Dark Edition


Note: This is a Group Buy that launched 24 May and closes 28 June. Estimated production completion is early Q3 2022, arrival late Q3 2022.   Inspired by Ethan Schoonover's Solarized color palette f...

Hex Keyboards

[Group-Buy] Good Morning Towel Deskmats


  Good Morning Deskmats will be LIVE on 13 June, 2022 to 27 June 2022.The Good Morning towel is a staple of many households in Southeast Asia.... so Hex Keyboards and Shirogane decided to bring som...


[Group-buy] JWK Lila Linear Switches


Note: As this is a group buy any items added to cart will be shipped together with the switches when they are available.    Groupbuy Dates: 25 July-15 August 2022Estimated Delivery: Late September...