KTT ヒヤシンス リニア スイッチ

KTT ヒヤシンス リニア スイッチ

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私たちのお気に入りのコンテンツ クリエイターの 1 人であるBobblingPanda は、最近中国で休暇を過ごし、西側ではほとんど知られていないものの、極東では話題になっているスイッチをたくさん持って帰ってきました。彼は私にサンプルパックを送ってくれました。そして、KTTヒヤシンスという名前の、バタンと音を立てる長いポールリニアがあり、それが私にとって本当に際立っていました、そしてここにいます。

数量 1 = 10 スイッチ。

仕様: :

  • 5ピンスイッチ

  • スイッチタイプ: リニア

  • 上部ハウジング材質: PC

  • 底部ハウジング材質: PA66

  • ステム材質: 変性POM

  • 操作力: 45g

  • ボトムアウト力: 56g

  • プリトラベル: 1.9mm

  • 総移動量: 3.5mm


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Lungten Dorji
    Loved them



    one of my fav linears!

    If you like haluhalos these are a great long pole alternative!

    After doing various sound tests, these switches really came out on top! Completely stock there is some scratch but no spring or leaf ping at all, with some 105 on the springs and 205 on the housings and stem these switches sound incredible.

    I have compared these to yangs, cream sodas, and haluhalos, and found that the most comparible switch to them is the haluhalos. In terms of volume these are much louder as they have a long pole stem and slightly different housing materials, the springs although actuation and bottom out is different, the iconic haluhalo creamy pop is still there, and even better. I would say these switches have beaten one of my beloved favourites and if I had to pick one over the other, I would go for these long pole goodness switches.

    Gopolar Yangs: Higher pitched, less stem wobble, creating a cleaner and clackier sound signature.
    Cream sodas: deeper and slightly more muted.

    I recommend picking these switches up if you are after a creamy pop sound signature on the higher end of the pitch spectrum. 9/10 switch experience.

    Unique switches that are worth having a look at.

    Quality 9/10
    These switches are of excellent quality, very satisfying and unique. It's a long pole linear with a light spring and is built with exciting materials, offering a great sound.

    Smoothness - 9.5/10
    For a linear with no fac lubing, they do a great job. Very smooth with zero scratch

    Sound - 10/10
    A very clean clacky sound that would be very compatible with most boards.

    Feel - 9.5/10
    The spring weight is too light for most people. The long pole provides crisp feedback with little to no scratch or resistance. They're very pleasant to type on.

    Overall - 9/10
    Great switches at a reasonable price point. They may only be for some, but I still recommend them. They require minimal work to be done on them to be great, and they may get even better with lubing and filming.