TX AP Stabilisers (Rev. 4) - Keebz N Cables
TX AP Stabilisers (Rev. 4) - Keebz N Cables
TX AP Stabilisers (Rev. 4) - Keebz N Cables
TX AP Stabilisers (Rev. 4) - Keebz N Cables

TX AP Stabilisers (Rev. 4)

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Introducing the "Almost Perfect" TX Stabilizers!

Implementing a patented technology, kin25 of TX Keyboard has improved the design of Cherry clip-ins to minimize rattling and prevent wire pop-out (using stab stoppers included with the set). The patented design features a double shot stabilizer stem with a POM outside and TPU & POM mixture inside. This mixture helps to minimize wire rattle and bottom out noise.


PCB mount, clip in, enough for ANSI TKL and 60% layout. 

One full WK and WKL kit includes:

  • 10x stabs

  • 4x short wires 2U

  • 2x long wires (1x 6.25U and 1x 7U)

  • 1 pack of stab stoppers

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      GOAT Stabs

      TX AP stabs are one of my favourite stabs - the stock wires don't require tuning in my experience, and you only need to lube the stab housing.

      If only this could be said about other stabs on the market...


      Awesome stabs I use these on all my builds easy to tune and sound great

      Kevin Ilao
      TX AP Stabilisers Rev 4

      Great! It does the job. Requires lubing!

      Way better than stock WS stabs

      I used the stock stabs with my Zoom65v2 and no matter how I lubed them they always had a slight tick. So when I pre=ordered the Zoom75 I decided to go with TX stabs. The TX stabs are fantastic. I only lubed slightly with 205G0 (no dielectric grease) and they are absoutely silent and smooth. Clips (rather than screw-ins) work really well and are easy to install. Also avoids the short-circuit issue with the enter key on the Zoom75.

      Jayden Heng
      Good stabs

      Easy to tune and requires zero effort.