GPL 105 for Springs (10g) - Keebz N CablesLubricant
GPL 105 for Springs (10g) - Keebz N CablesLubricant
GPL 105 for Springs (10g) - Keebz N CablesLubricant

스프링용 Krytox GPL 105(10g)


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105는 오일 윤활제로 그리스 종류보다 더 얇고 도포하기 쉽습니다. 가장 시간과 비용 효과적인 방법인 백 루빙 스프링을 위한 윤활유입니다. 10g은 올바르게 사용하면 약 200개 이상의 스위치에 충분합니다.

YouTube 튜토리얼: Andy V Nguyen - 105 오일 튜토리얼을 사용한 가방 윤활 키보드 스위치 스프링

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Aido Marco Gatapia

    Krytox GPL 105 for Springs (10g)

    Best lube for your springs

    At such an amazing price point, these are a must buy for your springs. I am not even half way through a bottle and I've lubed roughly 350 switches! I highly recommend this product!

    Thought this was overpriced... and its not!

    I was debating whether or not i should buy this considering its high price to other lubes. Didn't realise that it essentially never runs out.
    If you put it in a bag with 100~ springs and add 5-10 drops, you can't even tell the amount of lube has changed in the bottle, and its enough for all those springs when you give them a shake!
    I believe it can also be used to mix with other lubes for your liking... very versatile.
    Definitely recommend if your springs aren't already lubed and if you're going to be lubing TONS of switches :D

    Christian Jensen
    Refuses to be used up

    Ive done about 40 switches so far and I don't think the line on the bottle has gone down yet. I might not ever need to buy a second...


    Product as described

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