Last Update: 13/09/2022


Check this page for the latest status on Pre-orders, Inventory and Groupbuys. Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) indicates when the product is expected to arrive at Keebz N Cables. Pre-orders and Groupbuys are estimated to be shipped 1-2days from ETA date. 



Product Status ETA 
Zoom65 Essential Edition and Add-ons In Transit 15 September
Zoom65 Olivia Edition In Transit 28 September
Wuque MMSwitch In Transit 28 September


New Inventory/Restocks

Product Status ETA 
Wuque Studio Titanium Pullers  In Transit 28 September
Ikki68 R2 Brass Weights In Transit 28 September
WuquePBT GR Irish Keycaps In Transit 28 September
Ajazz Diced Fruit Switches - Banana and Kiwi In Transit 28 September
KTT Mallo In Transit 1 October
TofuTypes x KNC Keys Linear Switches  In Transit 1 October
GPL 105 In Transit 1 October
Aflion Blue Sky Switches and Tactile Stems (Panda/Shadow) In Transit 1 October
Phangkeys Amaterasu Deskmats In Transit November 
Cafe Aeyoung Coasters / Tool Holders and Carry Cases In Transit November


Product Status ETA 
Good Morning Deskmats In Transit October 
KDS Solarized Dark Edition Keycaps In Production


JWK Lila Switch In Production