HMX Cheese Linear Switches
HMX Cheese Linear Switches
HMX Cheese Linear Switches
HMX Cheese Linear Switches
HMX Cheese Linear Switches

HMX Cheese Linear Switches


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Arriving end of may / 1st week of June.

HMX are a new switch manufacturer (as of December 2023) that is making waves. Keebz N Cables own discord mod Rassles suggested we stock this specific HMX switch and has said HMX have god-tier factory lubing with virtually no leaf ping or scratch. Please buy so that I don't have to take her mod rights.

    Switches are sold in packs of 10. Novelty cheese included with orders of 80 switches or more while stocks last.

    Quantity 1 = 10 switches. 



    • Linear Switch
    • Top Housing: PA12
    • Bottom Housing: PA-2
    • STEM: LY
    • Force: 43g
    • Pre : 2.0±0.3mm
    • End: 3.5±0.3mm
    • Manufacturer: HMX
            @cloudnoela QK not poppy enough for you? These 🧀 switches are the definition of POP off 😮‍💨🤪 exclusive HMX Cheese switches are budget friendly and so cute looking with their soft yellow colour. They come WELL pre-lubed, making them so beginner friendly! I dont need to relube these! 🥰 At 43g actuation, they’re a light linear switch with a nice snappy return. A poppy sound lover’s dream. ✨ They also come with two adorable cheese toys 🧀🧀 and two thick pbt keycaps for you to try! Thanks to Keybay for sending these to me! They’re a new 🇨🇦 Canadian keyboard store with some cool and unique offerings I haven’t seen in other stores, make sure to check them out! 😄 I’ll be posting more products from them soon~ [ #mechanicalkeyboard #mechkeys #techaccessories #techreview #techlifestyle #desksetup #keyboardswitches #qk75 #qk75milkywhite #keebs #poppykeyboard #clackykeyboard #clickclack #clacky #keebtok #customkeyboard #typingsounds #typingasmr #satisfying #linearswitches #budgetswitches #keyboardasmr #mechkeyboard ♬ Okay (Instrumental) - WHATUPRG & 1K Phew


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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 6 reviews
            Ben Tonkin
            Great Switches

            What a great switch. Great clacky sound. Very smooth. Fine stock.

            Rob the Bob

            Rob the Bob hits again. This time i got one complaint. They dont taste like cheese. If you like the clack and the wack back you get from stroking down a switch, this is the one for you. You feel the cheese melting on your finger as you press it down next to your ear since the factory lubing is impecable. Try it for yourself, this switch will make you like swiss cheese even more

            Paul Arden
            My current favourite switches

            Super poppy with a great sound out of the box. Hopefully they get restocked again so I can get another set as I'd definitely like to do another build with them.

            5 star review - top tier mod suggestion

            whoever rassles is is a genius these switches are insane. heck yeah.

            Smooth & Clacky

            This was my first HMX switch and I am very impressed with factory lubing on these switches - no mods required. The sound profile is definitely clacky on POM plate - loud and high-pitched.