Tactile Thirst Trap Switch Sampler - 2nd Edition - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches
Tactile Thirst Trap Switch Sampler - 2nd Edition - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches

Tactile Thirst Trap Switch Sampler - 4th Edition


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After that first tactile bump, you'll be thirsting for more....

Due to popular demand, we've finally decided to release our Tactile Thirst Trap switch sampler pack containing a selection of our current range of Tactile switches. As our switch range continues to grow and change, so will this switch sampler with each edition.

4th Edition - 12 in total 11 unique tactile switches (sometimes less  is more or more is less)

  1. Keebz N Cables Ice Kachang (Lubed)
  2. Keebz N Cables Ice Kachang (Unlubed)
  3. Gateron Root Beer Float
  4. KTT Mallo
  5. Invokeys Blueberry Chiffon
  6. Gopolar Azure Dragon V2
  7. Dangkeebs Strawberry Milk tactile
  8. Dangkeebs Melon Milk tactile
  9. Dangkeebs Banana Milk tactile
  10. Momoka Shark
  11. Kono midnight
  12. Loobed Cotton Candy


3rd Edition - Contains a total of 14 unique switches:

  1. Zuoce Studio Rococo R1
  2. Zuoce Studio Daibai Tactile
  3. Gopolar Azure Dragon V1
  4. Gopolar Azure Dragon V2
  5. DK Creamery - Cookies N' Cream
  6. Kono Midnight
  7. JWK Cotton Candy
  8. Ajazz Kiwi
  9. KTT Mallo
  10. Dangkeebs Banana Milk Tactile
  11. Ajazz A/S Blue Sky
  12. Momoka Shark
  13. Keebz N Cables Ice Kachang (Lubed)
  14. Dangkeebs Strawberry Milk Ice Tactile

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
4th edition sampler

Sampler pack includes some rather unique, and different, tactile switches that are currently available and helps you narrow in on the type of tactile switch(es) that you prefer. The pack also showcases just how good that lubed Ice Kachang switch is against the unlubed version.

Amazing variety and selection

Great range from light to heavier tactile switches. Not a single switch in the pack that I disliked, even the light tactiles were better than I expected. Only negative is that the lubed Ice Kachang is too good.

4th Edition - Tactile Tester's Treasure

One would think that with less switches than the linear pack, this pack is weaker— The opposite, in fact.

There is such a wide variety in tactiles that trying it out for yourself is even more of a necessity. This amazing sample pack from KeebzNCables allowed me to experience the bumpy world of tactiles. I now know what kind of bump shapes and travel I desire in a switch. I found that most of the switches in this pack were unique and had their own characteristics that would be a perfect fit for someone. Ranging from the "clicky" switches such as the Kono Midnight all the way to the "linear-friendly" Blueberry Chiffon (it's in the pack even if it's not mentioned) I really enjoyed playing with these switches.

Shoutout to the two different Ice Kachangs in the pack. The lubed and unlubed versions feel like unique switches in their own right, and is by no means a wasted double.

awesome variation!

Comes in a small bag with a ton of great tactiles! A few of them need a little lube to fairly compare, and then it's off to tactile heaven
P.S lubed kachangs for life


Great price, good switches, good variety in selection