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XCJZ Purple Bamboo Tactile Switches - Keebz N CablesKeyboard Switches

LICHICX XCJZ Purple Bamboo Tactile Switches


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XCJZ Purple Bamboo is a switch for the light tactile enjoyers. One can only describe it as a refined Cherry MX Brown with unique deep clack sound profile from the new material blends.

Switches are sold in packs of 10.

Quantity 1 = 10 switches. 


  • Top housing: Custom PAG nylon
  • Bottom housing: Mixed MPA nylon with improved C5G​
  • Stem: POM ​
  • Travel Distance: 4mm-0.4mm
  • Bottom out force: 60g ± 5g. 16mm single stage spring
  • Manu: LICHICX

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        The perfect light-medium tactile switch

        I've researched and purchased numerous light to medium tactile switches to satisfy my particular preferences and can say that my search is finally over.
        To describe the purple bamboos, the word that comes to mind is moderation. They have a tactile bump that is neither light nor heavy, a very clean and somewhat deep sound signature that doesn't lean too heavily to a particular profile, and a spring weight that wouldn't be fatiguing during extended hours but also requires enough force to avoid causing accidental keypresses. The only trait that wouldn't quite fit this 'moderate' quality would be it's volume level which leans toward being on the quieter side due to the nylon construction (something that i personally appreciate).

        As a cherry on top, the purple bamboos are damn near perfect in stock form and the most it would require is oil on the springs if your batch has a bit of spring ping. Again however, they are perfectly fine to be used stock and this is pretty much the best you could ask for. I highly recommend any light-medium tactile enjoyers to give the purple bamboos a shot.

        Sleeper GOAT mild/light tactile!

        Even though I hate clamshell housing and dustproof stems, I had to give these a 5 star rating because they are an amazingly good switch for this price. The tactility is mild - half-way between a Cherry Brown and Ergo Clear in terms of prominence and sharpness of the bump. The spring weight is comfortable. They are smooth stock and have a clean deep but muted sound profile. But, there is a bit of leaf ticking and it's quite prevalent in my batch but it's mostly disguised by the bottom out sound. A bit of lube on the stem (I recommend 3203 to keep original sound profile) and oil on the springs and these bad boys sing! A bit of grease behind the leaf arch will eliminate almost all of the ticking if you want to go that far. No need for film at all - only very thin film can be applied and it makes almost no difference to sound and it's not needed for performance. I wouldn't recommend lighter springs as this more or less removes any tactility. Heavier springs (I tried 63.5g long) offer a slightly more rounded and prominent feel, but I reckon if you go too heavy (>65g) then this will also flatten out the bump. In the end, I feel like the switch is really well designed as is, responds well to a few mods, provides a comfortable typing experience, and offers a muted sound profile that isn't dull - all for a really good price. Highly recommended.