Linear Lovers Switch Sampler - 7th Edition
Linear Lovers Switch Sampler - 7th Edition
Linear Lovers Switch Sampler - 7th Edition

Linear Lovers Switch Sampler - 7th Edition


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Reward your love of linears... (Adairs don't sue me)

Due to popular demand, we've finally decided to release our Linear Lovers switch sampler pack containing a selection of our current range of linear switches. As our switch range continues to grow and change, so will this switch sampler with each edition.

7th Edition - our biggest edition yet! with 23 unique linears:

Row 1 Starting from the top:

  1. SW x Haimu Deep Ruby (WS Morandi Recolour)
  2. SWK Mocha ST
  3. SP Star Meteor V3
  4. KTT Halu Halo
  5. Gateron UHMKNOWN

    Row 2:
  6. WS Yellow
  7. Invokeys Black Sesame
  8. WS Red
  9. Gateron Summertime
  10. Gateron Pure Berry

    Row 3:
  11. WS Jade
  12. KTT Hyacinth
  13. Keygeek Avalon
  14. KTT Yexia
  15. KTT Rose

    Row 4:
  16. Dangkeebs Lychee Linear
  17. Gateron KS3 Milky Yellow
  18. Gateron Cream Soda
  19. JWK Endless Summer
  20. WS Quartz

    Row 5:
  21. Ice Kachang Linear - Lubed
  22. BSUN Taro N Sweet Potato 
  23. Ice Kachang Linear - Unlubed

6th Edition - our newest most delayed edition yet containing 19 unique linears:

  1. WS Onion
  2. KTT Hyacinth
  3. KTT Strawberry
  4. Strawberry Milk Linear
  5. Melon Milk Linear
  6. Endless Summer
  7. Gateron UHMKnown
  8. Gateron Yellow KS3
  9. Gateron Oil King
  10. SP Star Meteor V3
  11. Loobed Pine
  12. KTT Rose
  13. KTT Yexia
  14. BSUN x Zuoce Studio Lavender
  15. Gateron Pure Berry
  16. Haimu x SwagKeys Deep Ruby
  17. Chosfox Summer Lime
  18. SWK Mocha ST
  19. KFA Pink Robin

5th Edition - our hottest edition yet containing 18 unique linears, most which are exclusives:

  1. Gateron Cream Soda
  2. Gateron UHMKnown
  3. Dangkeebs Melon Milk Linear
  4. Dangkeebs Strawberry Milk linear
  5. Gopolar Outva Yin
  6. Wuque Studio Onion
  7. JWICK Semi Silent
  8. Momoka Frog
  9. KTT Kang White
  10. KTT Yexia
  11. KTT Strawberry
  12. JWK Lila
  13. JWK Endless Summer
  14. SP Star Meteor V3
  15. Loobed Pine switch
  16. Invokeys Matcha Latte
  17. Invokeys Black Sesame
  18. Zuoce Studio Daibai Linear

4th Edition - our hottest edition yet until 5th edition came out:

  1. KTT Yexia
  2. KTT Kang White
  3. JWICK Semi-Silent
  4. SP Star Ube Crinkle
  5. Dangkeebs Strawberry Ice Milk Linear
  6. Zuoce Studio DAIBAI Linear
  7. KTT Rose
  8. Invokeys Matcha Latte
  9. JWK Lila
  10. Dangkeebs Banana Milk Linear
  11. Zuoce Studio Water Green Linear
  12. Momoka Frog
  13. KTT HaluHalo
  14. KTT Strawberry

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Solid selection

Just Needs a Guide

Good selection, not much else to say.

Seconding a visual guide; even a simple picture on the product page so you don't need to go hunting down each keys page to narrow down the one you liked.

Thomas Beck

Lovely set of switches, already helped me figure out what I want in my next build


Awesome set of switches, has helped me decide on what I want for my next keyboard.

Love it

Great variety of switches

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