[Pre-order] Freya Keyboard - Plates

[Pre-order] Freya Keyboard - Plates

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What's the difference between Freya Ultra vs Freya / Tri-mode vs Wired Mode?

  • Freya Ultra Include 4 modules (Slider, Macro, Knob and Navigation cluster), you can DIY your favorite combination
  • Tri-mode Hotswap PCB only support ANSI layout; wired solder PCB support ANSI and ISO layout
  • Wired PCB only support 2 modules (Macro and Navigation cluster)
  • Collaboration editions come with a custom badge and weight
  • The color of the slider button is PVD Silver, and you have the option to purchase additional colors through an add-on (base case color)


  • Aluminium Top Case & Bottom Case
  • 68%
  • 6.5° Typing Angle
  • Dimension: 365.5 x 132.7 cm
  • Screen lens dimension 33.75 x 33.22 mm
  • LCD screen size 30.23 mm, 390x390 px resolution, 10fps, 30 frame rate, Image refresh time 42-51 ms
  • 20mm front height
  • 2042g approx. weight
  • Bluetooth 5.3 support


  • Hotswap Tri-mode flex cut, 1.2mm ANSI
  • Hotswap Tri-mode non-flex cut 1.6mm ANSI
  • Wired non-flex cut 1.6mm Solder, ISO layout support (does not support touch screen knob and slider modules)
  • VIA compatible

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