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Dual Stage Longbois Springs


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Introducing the Keebz N Cables Single Forever Longboi's dual stage brother. A dual stage 63.5g, 20mm length spring. Each pack contains 110 springs. kthxbai. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Freaking amazing

- When installed in my switches, it definitely feels heavier than 63.5g, feels a lot more like 70g. Feels a bit too heavy for my liking but can get used to it.
- Made my switches sound deeper
- No spring crunch/ping noises

>> They feel great on KTT Rose and KTT Strawberries. On KTT strawberries, spring swapping with these springs made the switch sound very weird in a bad way when using in a keyboard with minimal foam. If your keyboard is a foamy build, it should sound very good.


favourite springs!

Love these springs

I have been trying to find a spring similar to the gopolar yang springs, and these come incredibly close, they feel fantastic on the downstroke and very snappy on the upstroke. They aren't too heavy or too light. I didn't even need to oil these springs, perfect right out of the box. It feels so good when you finally find a spring that fits perfect for you, and these feel 99/100 perfect for me.

Longbois are great, changed my life !!

Have you got trouble getting it (heavy PBT 7u spacebar) up ? Then these are the springs for you ! Guaranteed to lift your spirits and your heavy keycaps to the fullest extent !

Seriously great quality, didn’t even need to lube them, perfect out of the box, snappy return, feels light on the downstroke and snappy on the upstroke !